Williams Family-Retirement Ceremony

Williams Family-Retirement Ceremony-San Antonio Military Photographer

Meet Jason and Courtney and their sweet boys. This session was an absolute joy to photograph! Courtney was one of the first people I met when we moved to San Antonio and I’ve loved running into her around town and seeing her at different events. We met at a kids birthday party (because well, look at the photos!) and discovered we had a mutual friend. The military is funny like that-the connections are so neat to find!

Courtney messaged me and explained that her husband was retiring and would I be able to take some photos for them. I was happy to do it, I love supporting our military families. Ceremonies can get hectic though, so I asked if they could meet me at the famous “Taj” on base before things got started for a family session. I knew they’d be pretty, but I was blown away by how gorgeous the navy and the white and the sweet smiles came through on camera!

Courtney-you’re gorgeous! Jason and the boys were so handsome. All around they pull off this “classic” things perfectly!


Poor Brayden. I feel ya, buddy! Some days you just can’t anymore! Really though, he was a trooper and I only include this because it’s too cute! We all know this is real life!


The ceremony was held at the O’Club on Randolph Air Force Base. A beautiful building full of history.

Soon to be retired Maj Williams holds his shadow box. Literally holding his career in his hands. I’m sure it flew by…but this tradition to frame it all is so special. So many accomplishments.


Courtney’s talented mom made all of these beautiful cupcakes and cake for the event. Um, Courtney, can I borrow your mom for my next party please!?! Only kinda joking!


Retirement’s are about family too. Whatever capacity someone has served their country in, the family has served and sacrificed too. It’s so wonderful to see all the emotions that fill the room. Happiness to be together, relief to be finishing, sadness to be leaving a community, mostly just so much love.


Well, there’s always one. Today it was Tanner. This sweetie stole the show and nobody tried stop him!


Thanking his leadership, his family, and most importantly, his wife. Reminiscing of a successful career and supportive family.


You’ll never meet a more patriotic and respectful group of kids. Mil kids (often) just get it. Ethan showing respect during the national anthem, gives you the warm fuzzier to see kids being raised right!


Congrats Maj. Jason Williams (retired)! Well done, Sir! Thank you for your service!


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