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Wilson Family- Vacation at the Pearl-San Antonio Family Photographer


Meet the Wilson Family! The sweetest family from East Texas, and fellow photographers!  They were headed to San Antonio for a family vacation and reached out looking for someone to take their family photos. I looooove the idea of taking professional photos on vacation. I’m super camera happy on vacation and honestly could do without souvenirs, but if I don’t get great photos, I’m devastated.

I have to tell you, when I saw Blake’s request, I was a bit nervous. Photographing other photographers sounded intimidating. What if they didn’t like them? What if they weren’t nice or wanted to run the show? What if they thought my editing wasn’t good enough?

So many thoughts, but I decided to go for it. Do you ever hear a little voice in your head? The one that says “Just do it, it’ll be fine!” I heard it, it wasn’t super loud, but I listened!

And guys, I’m so glad I did! Blake and Jocelyn are such a kind couple, their little guy Noah is silly and adorable. I made new friends and we are all loving how this session at The Historic Pearl turned out! If you’re in San Antonio, I’d love to help your family capture some great moments in some of our iconic areas too.


So, in all fairness, there was a splash pad RIGHT in front of poor Noah. Pictures vs Splash Pad….you get it right?


PSA…if you see people doing a photo shoot, please be kind and move. Or if you decide to stay in the shot, know that you are forever labeled “the creeper”!


How handsome is this little guy? He did so great posing for me and I hear that he was able to enjoy the splash pad the next night! Win for everyone.


My favorite photographers are Amy and Jordan Demos, and luckily the Wilson’s follow their guides too. They’re the best, preach community over competition and are just fun people to learn from. Some of my favorite AJ quotes are “feels weird, looks great”, and “even light, head to toe, in the background”. I literally hear these in my head on shoots! This little spot was an alley we found. I hope my non photographer clients will trust me as much as the Wilson’s…”hey go in this alley and pose!” But isn’t it gorgeous?!


Swooning….they are so perfect! Major props to Jocelyn’s curls for lasting all session with the San Antonio humidity too.


Jocelyn posted a photo similar to this of Noah when he was younger. That is what photography is about, freezing these moments. Especially with your kiddos, because….too fast. If you’re a parent, you know what I mean!


Toward the end of the session we met Emma. Her owner may have thought I was crazy, but she was way too cute not to take a couple pictures of. Still looking for her owner to send him these images. If you know #emmafromthepearl owner, send him my way!


Had to throw in a black and white edit for these because it just screams timeless. Jocelyn and Blake, it was so nice meeting you. I hope you enjoyed your time in San Antonio! Thank you for trusting me to capture these memories for you. I better hear from you next time you’re in town!

Friends, if you’re looking for a wonderful photographer in East Texas, make sure you contact this couple! They will charm you with some sweet southern hospitality and your photos will be beautiful! JB Wilson Photography.


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