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Waco-Magnolia Silos-San Antonio Family Photographer

Hey friends! I cannot believe that it’s taken me so long to post about our spur of the moment Magnolia trip in the spring. Now that it’s been a million degrees in Texas for what seems like ever, it’s so nice to look back and see that we did indeed have a spring, and it was lovely!

In April, on a random Saturday, my good friend Gaby and I decided we needed to go to Waco. We chose to go on Monday, because we’d heard Saturdays can be so hectic. Lilly had school,  but kindergarten and YOLO, so she tagged along too. Juggling all the kiddos was somewhat challenging (see how tiny Miles was!) so iPhonography it was for the day. But-I hope I do it justice showing how gorgeous and homey the Silos are. If you can make the trip-do it-you won’t regret it.

Inside the store is just what you’d imagine. High ceilings, gorgeous light, and perfectly curated displays that make you think Jo hand placed each item. The employees are friendly and the shoppers were too. Everyone kindered spirits of sorts, thrilled to be at this home decor version of Disney World. It makes you feel like you need all the things in the store for your home, but also just window shopping is equally satisfying and inspiring.

Do you love Chip and Jo? I do! I would shiplap my house up and down if I knew I’d be staying forever. Fixer Upper is one of my husband and my favorite shows to watch together. And this pretty lady above-my good friend Gaby-is getting ready for a major home reno and is equally in love with Jo’s sense of style and timeless designs.

We didn’t really plan our day at the Silos, we just wanted to go and see it, hang out. The lawn is the perfect place to do that. With the oversize comfy furniture, games and views it was an easy afternoon for our group. We found an amazing popcorn vendor with fresh caramel corn, a place to spread our our picnic blanket, and just enjoyed the breeze and scenery.


Lilly and Cael had such a great time rolling around the lawn. Even though they almost ran in to a million people and I was somewhat embarrassed by their behavior, nobody seemed to mind. I really think this is what Chip and Jo were envisioning.  A place for families to be together and for kids to be kids.

Miles didn’t do a whole lot during our trip, but he sure enjoyed the breeze and being snuggled in such a comfortable place! I’m planning a trip back for September and I think he’ll be much more excited about it then! Also-note the guy in the chair and orange hat-he’s nailing that “chilaxin don’t bug me” vibe. As a mom of 3, I can only dream to  be that guy one day. And then when I get there I’ll probably be thinking about how I miss my littles. Mom problems.

Every detail at the Silos is so well thought out and beautiful. I almost thought I could have a garden like this at my house. They make it so believable. But then I remembered I have killed a Cactus and I live in Texas. I am not a green thumb! I’ll just photograph the pretty flowers! A photo lasts longer, way longer, than plants at my house.

Oh, my heart. Even now, just a couple months later, Miles seems like a different baby. I cannot believe how tiny they start and how fast they grow. This Sakura Bloom ring sling has been with me since the beginning. 6 years and the linen is strong, soft and full of memories. It’s traveled the world over and carried all of my babies close to my heart. If I can offer a new mom any advice, it’s this-get a carrier and snuggle that baby close.

And if you don’t have a friend like Gaby, get one of those too. She’s my cheerleader, support far away from “home” (wherever that is anymore) and fashionable, funny, smart, so much more! I love having adventures with her and so happy the military and our nursing backgrounds brought us together.


Well, these faces say it all. We’re a couple hundred “Miles to Magnolia” but it’s totally worth the drive! It’s a little far for the crazy crew, but we totally enjoyed ourselves and looking forward to our next trip in September!

If you are looking for a San Antonio family photographer or dream of a Waco shoot for your family, contact me here and I’d love to work something out for you!

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