All About Albums

All About Albums

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As a little girl, I was always fascinated by pictures of my grandparents. The black and white images or faded color, their faces youthful and happy. And while they were happy as I knew them, their faces that I was familiar with were wrinkled, soft, lived in.

My grandmothers were beautiful. Their hair was always so nicely done for photos. Obviously before the messy bun became acceptable and selfies were the norm. Photos were special, not an occurrence to happen multiple times a day or month even.

My grandfathers were dashing. You could tell that they were confident and kind. I remember picking out pieces of their faces that I knew now and finding that in their photos from years before.

I like to think they knew they were at the beginning of creating a family legacy, but maybe it just seemed like another thing to them too.

I wish I had asked!

I know in this digital age, it’s so easy to overlook albums as another thing. Another expense. Another box to check. Add it to the must have or maybe later list. Friends, I really want to encourage you to budget for your album now. You and your fiancé are about to start YOUR legacy. Your children and grandchildren are going to want to see you on the happiest day of your life. Or when you were about to have your first baby. Those special moments deserve to be preserved.

Do you think your grandkids will have easy access to your digital files? Maybe? Passwords change, hard drives fail, technology changes. But we KNOW that books last. Albums will last. And there is nothing sweeter than knowing that your family can curl up next to you and reminisce with you about the life you’ve created.

That being said, I’m so excited to offer 3 types of albums that can accommodate a range of budgets. I want you to have something tangible to hold your memories.


Standard Linen

Linen Cover, 8 X 8

Solid binding and thick, card stock like pages.

Beautiful tones, accurate color representation. Perfect for any event or milestone.


Luxury Linen

Luxury Linen, Soft and Durable. 10X10 or 12X12.

Hand crafted and cut in USA.

Comes with beautiful protective sleeve.

Thick pages that are soft and smooth to touch.

Beautiful colors, multiple layouts options. Comes wrapped in a gorgeous paper.

Perfect for preserving your wedding memories, can also be ordered in smaller sizes with the purchase of a full size to gift to your family.


Legacy Leather

The softest, most luxurious leather. You kind of want to pet it but it’s a book…

Comes in 10X10 or 12X12

This album also comes with the same protective case as seen on the linen album and delivered beautifully wrapped.

The ultimate luxury album. Perfect tones printed on its soft and sturdy pages.

Once you feel this soft, pebbled leather, you will want all the books in your home recovered in it.

This is the premier wedding album.

Legacy Leather albums can also be ordered in smaller sizes for family upon ordering a full size. You can also mix and match! Treat yourselves to a Legacy Leather and order Luxury Linen for your family.

The Process

1-Choose the style you’d like.

2-“Favorite” any must have images in your gallery.

3-I’ll get to work arranging your images,telling your story. Upon completion you’ll have 2 rounds of revisions to swap photos or change the layout.

4-I’ll send you your cover and engraving options.

5-You’ll OK the final design and your book will be on your way.

I promise to make this easy and fun for you! And not overwhelming. As a photographer that skipped out on my own wedding album 10 years ago because the process was too much, I get it. Let’s preserve your memories in a beautiful and authentic way.


Send me a message! I’ll get back to you in 48 business hours.

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