A Game of Thrones Gender Reveal

A Game of Thrones Gender Reveal

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The boy has no name is here! And with the return of Game of Thrones soon, what better time to share this creative gender reveal!

Kady had already contacted me about doing the “Watch me Grow” package for her growing little one, but wanted to do a fun add on. She was brainstorming ideas for a truly unique gender reveal and I was so excited to be part of it!

From Kady-

I did a lot of Pinterest searching and just couldn’t find anything that wasn’t a colored cake, balloons, or any of the common but still fun ways to reveal.

I was torn between GOT and The Office because those are our fav shows! But- I stumbled upon a color changing dragon egg on etsy and thought wouldn’t that be cool!? They were kinda pricey, so i made it myself.

I got 2 styrofoam eggs from Michaels and painted them blue and purple. I got a TON of thumbtacks (think 350 thumbtacks per egg…grossly underestimated…)!

I ordered color changing nail polish in purple and in blue, both to start out as a darker bluish color. I did SEVERAL coats of the polish per thumbtack and then had to “cure” them under a light because it was a gel nail polish. It was a LOT more work than I anticipated! Once they were dried I layered them onto the eggs. I tested them by putting them in the freezer to get them super cold (when the color would be at its darkest) and then took them outside in the sun and watched them change colors. It worked! Thank goodness because I think I would’ve cried had it not worked for the amount of effort i put in. I also got the onesies made to go with it! He should be able to wear the “A Boy has No Name” onesie when he’s comfortably in 3 months clothes.

It was the running joke up until I delivered because we could NOT agree on a name that we would have to take him home IN that onesie because he may not have a name!

Welcome Sweet Maddox (aka The Boy With No Name)!
Congrats, Frye Family!

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