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10 years later and I still look forward to spending time with Danny. When we set aside the time to “date” we can be the best versions of ourselves. We can focus on giving each other the attention and time a marriage deserves and needs.

It seems like everyone is “busy” nowadays. His career, my business. Our kids activities. Family schedules and distance. It adds up and can take a toll.

So when the grandparents are in town and we can sneak off for a morning, it’s kinda the best! We spent our time strolling through the Pearl market and then checking out Mission San Jose (which has been on my list since we moved here 2 years ago)!

At Bakery Lorraine we shared pastries and I drank my almond milk latte while it was STILL HOT! You guys! That’s winning for me! We chatted about life and our goals and dreams. It’s amazing when you can actually listen and hear what your spouse is feeling. So often the conversations of the day become more like transactions of basic information. Strong marriages have to find a way to combat that habit!

We perused the Vintage Flower Bar, which was probably not exciting for Danny, but I was in love! Kinda feels like you’re in a little French market…but you’re still in San Antonio!

Danny and I are both history nerds. It’s true. We love watching documentaries, reading historical fiction books etc. I grew up with a history buff dad (Hey, Dad, if you’re reading!) that took me to so many important sites on the east coast and let me watch Civil War movies when I was like 6! Ha! So it’s been ingrained in me from a young age that history matters. Getting to explore Mission San Jose without the crazy kiddos and read and learn about what happened there so many hundreds of years ago was just so cool. The architecture and old world charm is amazing and I can’t wait to take clients back there to shoot.

I hope you enjoy the photos and be sure to scroll to learn 3 fun facts about Danny and I!

3 Facts About Our Love Story

  1. We had a loooong engagement. Like 2+ years. I thought our big day would never come!

2. We met in Ohio, got engaged in Germany and got married in Maryland!

3. On our wedding day we surprised each other- Danny with special vows and I recorded myself singing “At Last” by Etta James to be played for our first dance!

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