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Advice for New Photographers


How a Chance Meeting at United Led to This Episode!


New Photographer Advice-Anna Kay Photography-San Antonio Wedding Photographer-Bokeh Podcast

If you’re here and you’re a photographer, you’re probably familiar with Bokeh podcast. It was one of my first favorites mainly because host Nathan interview people from all walks of photography. It’s inspiring and extremely educational. If you haven’t tuned in, be sure to browse his archive of over 300 episodes (I listen in the shower)!

During the Showit United conference I attended a course on your business “Why”. It was a very emotional class for me as I dug deep in to the roots of why photos and memories have been so important to me. Aside from the creative joy of taking and editing photos, the “why” of their importance. I had to take a breather and grab another coffee and that’s when Nathan (although I didn’t know it was him) said “huh, theres not much creamer in that”.

I kinda laughed and said “Yeah, I’m more of a classics fan. Less creamer. Gin and tonic, no fancy drinks kind of girl”.

I knew this guys voice sounded familiar while we were chatting and once I got a glimpse of his name tag I realized who I’d been talking with! “Oh! You’re Nathan! From Bokeh”! I told him what an inspiration his podcast was to me and then he said “Well, why don’t you come on and talk about being fully booked after only 2 years?”

New Photographer Advice-Anna Kay Photography-San Antonio Wedding Photographer-Bokeh Podcast

So Then What?

I was shocked. And nervous. And excited. All the things! I didn’t hear from Nathan until a week or so after the conference and I was a little relieved thinking I wouldn’t have to do it. You know that scared/excited feeling? It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone. It’s hard to put yourself and your ideas out there.

But, Nathan did e-mail me. And I did agree to chat about my advice for new photographers! Now, I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be on the Bokeh platform.

I’ve made some amazing new friends and it makes me feel really fulfilled to know that my advice was able to help so many others.

I hope you listen in for the key ideas and advice for new photographers that I’m sharing on Bokeh! And please feel free to e-mail me if you’d like to keep the conversation going! Connection is my thing!

Thanks again to Nathan, Haylee and the Bokeh platform for giving me the chance to get out of my comfort zone and connect!



And if you’re ready to connect and learn more,

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New Photographer Advice from Anna Kay Photography on Bokeh Podcast

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