On Borrowed Strength

On Borrowed Strength

Surviving on the Encouragement of Women


I get by on Strength Borrowed from Women around Me.


I get by on the strength of the military spouses who have been in this season before me. That have been through seasons of uncertainty and heartache and hopes pulled out from under them like a rug. I trust that we’ll be reunited and that our marriage will only be stronger and that our kids are resilient. I get by with their honesty-that it is not easy but it can be done and it’s survivable. I lean on their strength and kindness and encouragement.

One day I’ll do the same.

I get by on the strength of neighbors from generations before me, who have seen hardship, have felt the world feel uneasy, have had the luxury of time to see it pass and return to normal. I lean on them and their reassurance that life may change but it’ll get back to mostly normal. I soak up their encouragement that this is a season of hardship not a new way of life forever.

One day I’ll do the same.

I get by on the strength of women entrepreneurs that go out of their way to ensure we are prepared for this business hardship. While they may have never seen anything quite like this-they have been through ebbs and flows in an industry that is still fairly new to me. I get by with their wisdom, guidance and friendships. Now more than ever, I get by with the strong women in my community.

One day I’ll do the same.

I get by knowing that their are incredibly strong women (and men) working in the medical field that are fiercely dedicated to saving lives. I know this feeling and I know the feeling of being terrified to be at work, but also compelled to help. I lean on their strength and know that this will be faced by kind, intelligent and amazing people. They will defeat this awful virus with our help.

Today, I’ll do my part by continuing to social distance, spread truth not hysteria and get out of their way so they can do what needs to be done.

I’ll continue to pray for peace and understanding and to cast our fears on God and thank him for surrounding us with these people. I know they are gifts.

One day, this season will change. And I’ll continue to be grateful for the women who have shared their strength with me during this time.


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