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Because We LOVE Our Grizzly Family


We want to treat you to something special when this Corona craziness is over!


Our family appreciates the hard work and dedication of the Green Valley staff so much. As a military family, being a Green Valley Grizzly family has been a huge blessing to us. Our kids feel safe, loved and have the opportunity to lead and grow. From the car line to concerts and now Zoom meetings, Lilly and Cael love every interaction with the Green Valley community.


So, while I’d love to send you all big checks as a “Thank You”, my bank account doesn’t quite allow it! But I CAN gift you heirloom quality family photos. And it would make me so happy to do it!

Lilly and Cael Wright (2nd and K) with their parents Anna and Daniel, and baby brother, Miles.

I (Anna) would LOVE to gift our Green Valley community family photo mini sessions. These will be held after the Corona craziness at a park within 15 minutes of the school. They are open to anyone that is employed by GV. But you must SIGN UP here so I know who to message when dates become available.


  1. What is a mini session?  A mini session is a 15 minute session at a set place. You will have 15 minutes with your family and receive the images via an online gallery for download. There is no cost to you for the images. Prints are additional. You can choose to download the images and print at your favorite lab or use my professional lab.
  2. What does “family” consist of?  Anyone in your immediate family, significant other, adorable pet, etc. Please do not bring grandparents (unless they live with you!) aunts, uncles, cousins etc. Should you wish to book an extended family session instead of a mini session they will be offered to staff at 1/2 off.
  3. I want photos, but can you edit differently?  The style you see on my web site is the style I edit in. I do not offer edits in different styles. I understand art is subjective and if this style is not for you that’s ok! Please do not sign up if you do not wish to receive photos in this style.
  4. Where can I learn more?  If you have specific questions please e-mail me at
  5. Where can I see more of your work?  Please feel free to follow along on IG and check out the galleries HERE.




I’m so looking forward to seeing you all again and being able to thank you in person! Cheers!


All the best!

Lilly, Cael, Anna, Daniel and Miles

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