The Constructive CRITICISM

Have you ever avoided hearing the "Hard Things"?
Have you ever asked for "Gentle CC"?
Have you ever worked with a mentor that encouraged you, but didn't tell you what you REALLY needed to hear?

Can you relate...

It's so hard to hear "negative" things about your business.
You love what you create and you're hustling SO hard to build the business of your dreams. Of course you want to hear people sing your praises.
But what if you could hear those hard things?
What if those hard things were what would REALLY take your business to the next level?

But what if...

You could confidenetly seek Constructive Critsicm, filter out the noise and KNOW that you're receiving sound information to make decisions about your business?
What if you had a guide that walked you through each step of how to seek feedback? How to qualify it? How to not get paralyzed by hearing "NO".

Come learn with me! 

As a former Air Force Officer and Cardiac Nurse-I can tell you, I've been on both end of the Constructive Criticism continuum-but friends-when used the right way-it can do things like turn a love for photography into a *Six-Figure Business* in just 4 short years.

i want this!

A workbook to guide you-

An interactive workshop-


A carefully created workbook to help you through an array of situations you might encounter.

We're getting on Zoom to work through this together, complete with a Q+A.

You get to start the fall with a new and improved lens of how to grow your business. 

Yes, save my seat! (We are closing this at 20 attendees)

sign up!

What are your peers saying?

This was all about asking for and receiving Constructive Criticism. So helpful and practical for this Enneagram 2!




Picture if you could...

Use a "NO" and help it truly GROW your business

Not be afraid to ask for honest feedback

Nix knee-jerk reactions to things that don't matter anyway 

Qualify a mentor before spending $$$$

Not let CC ruin your day

Confidently receive feedback and know what to do with it-every.time! 

Anna Wright is a portrait and wedding photographer based in New Braunfels, Texas. Anna has created a six-figure photography business in just 4 years, serving amazing clients and collaborating with incredible industry partners. 

Anna joined the US Army reserve at 18 and was commissioned in the US Air Force after completing ROTC at the University of Cincinnati. She received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, being inducted into Sigma Theta Tau Honor Society.

With this experience, Anna has become an expert in giving and receiving constructive. criticism. She has shared this sentiment on podcasts such as Brands that Book, So Here's TheThing, and Tea With Janie.

As the San Antonio Rising Tide chapter leader, Anna is committed to sharing knowledge and making the lives of creatives better.

join me here!

meet the photographer, Business Owner,
Wife, Mom,
your next cheerleader

Hey, I'm Anna!

You've got some questions first

when is the workshop?

September 1st at 7pm EST via Zoom. It will be recorded! 

What if i can't watch live?

While it's encourage to join in the discussion, it will be recorded! 

What if i have a question I don't see here?

No worries friend, send me an email at

how do i know it's for me?

If you get a pit in your stomach when someone says something less than flattering about your work/business-it's for you.

Can I bring a friend?

Please feel free to have a friend sit with you! Only paid attendees will be allowed to enter the Zoom room independently though.

Will this really help me?

Yes! I 100% believe it will. It's already helped many entrepreneurs and if you do the work-you'll grow too! 

I'm ready!

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