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On this episode I’m chatting with Davey Jones from Brands that Book about all things constructive criticism and how it can grow your business! It’s never fun to hear that what you’re doing isn’t “right” or get rejected by a client-BUT-when you apply that information and run it through a set process? Well, friends, that’s when real growth occurs!

I truly believe that every “no” you get in your business journey can turn into a learning moment. Having the right mentors by your side will help you determine how to use this information and not feel paralyzed by rejection.

As a former Air Force officer and a nurse in critical care areas, I literally spend my 20’s hearing what I was doing wrong and on the flip side giving guidance to those working for me on how they can improve. Becoming an expert in rejection was kind of my thing! I learned to crave feedback because I saw the growth it lead to. And saw that when it wasn’t implemented, complacency set it. If this is something that intimidates you, don’t let it! I promise it’s less scary than you think.

Take a listen to the Brands that Book interview here and learn about how I process constructive criticism for maximum business growth!


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